Types of Office Fit Outs


Giving a new look to an office space is certainly appealing but the whole process of organizing a new fit can be unclear in regards to the issue of delegation and who will be assigned where to carry out the processes. So before even going into the detailed matters, it’s time to start from the basics:

What are office fit-outs?

This related to the process of ensuring that interior spaces are suitable for occupation and that they are separate from structural work which depends upon building fabric.  In many cases, the base construction is done by the developer whole the final fit is done by a firm which the occupant hires.

Forms of office fit outs

This can take a lot of different forms which depend upon the total degree of completion in regards to the building as well as the requirements of the client, like:

Shell and Core

These work to cover the structure, base plant, cladding and other common areas along with external works. This kind of project could also extend out to the reception areas, toilets, staircases, basements, loading bays, lift shafts, car parking lots etc.

Category A fit out

It is an indicator which is generally related overall to the total level of fit our that was completed by the developer of the tenant’s space. It should be noted that there isn’t any standard definition and so it generally includes:

  • Electrical and mechanical services
  • Blinds
  • Suspended ceilings and raised floors

Internal surface finishes

All the above are subjected to change and include other areas if the client has specific requirements regarding space. If that happens then the occupant and the developer will have to sort out the costs and make other necessary arrangements pertaining to it.

Category B fit out

This stage refers to the completion of the internal space fit out so as to meet the detailed requirements of the client. It can include:

  • Branding and final finishes
  • Installation of break areas and office areas.
  • Installation of meeting rooms, specialist lighting, furniture, IT equipment, kitchen areas and such.
  • Some of the work areas of category A could also be shifted to this one so that there is a less risk for damage.

Where is office fit out forms located?

Office fit out in Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga, Sydney etc are available. Basically, they can be found in every local area upon doing a bit of digging. From then on it is a matter of negotiating and making sure that the people who are chosen are right for the job. CCG – Casa consulting group

How to choose the right fit out firm?

It can be hard, but one needs to carry out a lot of research by taking recommendations and preparing a list of firms suitable for the job. From then on it is a matter of meeting up with them and ensuring that they are in line with the ideas and visualizations. A good chemistry is important so that both the parties feel comfortable in working with the other.

It is always advisable to have an expert on the side so that they can offer support and advice regarding the requirements of the projects as well as ensure that the progress remains on time and budget.