6 Ways To Ensure You Get The Best Mover


Finding good Auckland movers can seem like a tough task, but a little bit of research will ultimately yield gold at the end. Here are some things you can do to avoid being scammed:

Put in the Work to find good services

The first step is to get good recommendations. For that:

  • Ask around your friend circle, coworkers as well as local real estate agents.
  • You can also check the phone book for local moving companies.

Don’t rely on just the movers to give you an accurate estimate of how much the move will cost. Also, don’t rely on such an estimate that comes from people who haven’t looked around, your house all well. Always get outside estimates to be on the safer side.

Don’t always go for big name hot shots

A big mistake which people often do is that they assume the big name companies are the best. While it’s certainly true that they too had to work to get that reputation, but newer services are eager to please and will try to offer a flexible and accommodating routine for your needs.

Go for an initial screening

When you have settled on a list of movers you would like to hire, then go online and do a background check on all of them. You can also call official channels which deal with movers or shoot them a mail to see if the moving service is registered with them. A reputable company will always try to mention official groups it is part of. Be suspicious of groups don’t have any connections to official groups.

Go for an In-home estimate

After the previous step, your list should have ideally narrowed down to at least three or four companies who you can call to do a proper survey and in-home estimate. Compare them and then eliminate the lowest, especially if the price quoted is just drastically lower than the others. This just screams that they are trying to get clients anyhow. While a lower price may initially excite you but in the long run, your belongings can get mishandled.

Ask for a written estimate

If you are traveling out of state then ask if the company can give you a written estimate which will be binding on them. An even better deal will be a binding not-to-exceed estimate. This kind of estimate will work to keep a lid on what you will have to shell out for your impending move. But keep in mind that an estimate like this can be held to be the final one and one must expect that the final cost will exceed the estimate.

Look for Insurance and license

Once you have settled on a mover then make sure that they have the proper license and insurance which would enable them to move you legally. You can and should ask for the legal license. Then go to the website of the legal organization and check if they are really listed there.

On a moving day, make sure that the movers have a list of the inventory as well as directions to your new place. This will mark moving much easier.