Hair Loss- One of the Common Problems in Today’s Time

Hair is an important aspect of your overall look. And your look makes the first impression. People with lustrous hair on their heads look better compared to the once with scarce hair. Owing to the lifestyle that we lead, people are facing the problem of hair loss.


Baldness is one of the growing issues that human mankind is suffering from. The growing stress among the people is of the reason for baldness. People don’t eat well and rest well when in stress, and that leads to hair loss. One of the major causes of men’s hair loss is heredity. If he belongs to a family that has a family history of baldness, tendencies are that he might also get the same.


Prime reasons for hair loss


Hair loss can happen due to various reasons. And if you are aware of the reasons, you can work upon them to promote hair growth.


  • Disease – Hair loss is associated with internal diseases like thyroid, anemia, and deficiency of iron. A simple blood test can reveal this. And with proper medication, these health conditions can be recovered. This will also stop the hair loss problem.


  • Sudden weight loss – If you suddenly lose weight, you tend to lose hair as well. When you lose weight, you are on a calorie deficit diet. The abrupt change in your body’s internal system causes hair loss.


  • Emotional and work stress – When you undergo some stress in your life, it affects your hair growth. People don’t take proper care of them and hence there are several deficiencies in their bodies. The shock of stress affects the hair cycle which causes shedding of hair.


  • Excess styling – Especially the young generation, try different styles on their hair. And to look good also apply hair spray, styling gel or heat. All of them are harmful to the health of your hair. The roots start loosening and hair starts falling off.


  • Menopause – When women experience menopause, some hormonal changes take place inside their bodies. These changes cause hair loss.


  • Pregnancy – Women also lose hair during pregnancy, though it’s generally a temporary phase. After the delivery, with proper food and medication, you gain back your hair.


Things you can do daily to prevent hair loss


Prevention is better than cure. If you follow the below-mentioned points, you don’t have to make that extra effort after you have lost your hair.


  • Eat a balanced diet – Your diet should contain the proper amount of fish, meat and green vegetables.


  • The oil your hair at least thrice a week – Your hair gets the basic food from oil. It hydrates the roots of your hair and strengthens your hair.


  • Get your medical check-ups done – From time to time consult a physician so that you know that about any disease that might have cropped up your body.


  • Spent some stress-free days – Take a leave from your everyday life and go out for a vacation. It will relax your body and enhance hair growth.


  • Drink water – Drink at least 3 liters of water every day. It will promote your overall health.


There are many ways to cure hair loss. Just go to the root cause and cure yourself.


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