Presentation Folders

Range of four great designs
Quality 300gsm card
Design service available
Convenient Business card slits
Guaranteed immaculate finish

Download Our Free Templates
We have provided templates to help you get the best from your artwork. Our templates are FREE to download and easy to use. Please download our Presentation Folder Templates from our Resources Blog
Proposals, welcome packs, promotional packs, media kits, presentation tools – presentation folders are the perfect way to keep your information together and make a statement while you’re doing it. We offer presentation folders fit for any purpose, standard template or new forme cut, glued or self-locking, spine or flat, and that’s not to mention the stock and finishing options.


Personalised stationery printing
If you’re after stationery for your business then Discount Printing can produce high quality stationery printing that will reach out to your customers and clients and give your business the ultra professional look. You don’t need to spend alot at Discount Printing to get fantastic quality printing and service.
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With Compliment Slips


Marketing Materials

Multi page brochures or single page flyers
Great for promotions and counter displays
Powerful marketing tool
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In addition to being the experts in New Zealand for business cards we also provide a wide range of quality products such as colour brochures and flyers, business letterheads and business envelopes and so much more delivered directly to your door in New Zealand. Choose Discount Printing for all your quality print needs.

Business Cards

Size: 55mm x 90mm
Printed on 350gm Media for laminated options
Design service available
Your Artwork archived for 24 months
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Full Colour one side
Full Colour front and Black back
Full Color both sides

Business Card Printing – Discount Printing New Zealand
The humble business cards are often said to be the most important marketing tool you’ll ever use. Business cards are a subtle yet permanent reminder of your business and the services you provide as well as containing crucial contact information. But how do you make your business cards stand out from other businesses cards?
At Discount Printing we take your business card printing seriously, helping you to create the perfect card for your business, while providing you with a diverse range of options. Our printing options include vertical and horizontal printing, small and large text and cards, printing on one side or both, full colour printing as well as matt or gloss…the possibilities are endless! At Discount Printing we invite you to compare our business card printing costs with other New Zealand based printing companies- we’re certain you’ll be impressed with the savings Discount Printing offers.
In addition to business cards, we are able to supply all types of business solutions including brochure and flyer printing, letterheads and envelopes and much, much more all at our terrific cheap prices!

Printing tips

Aug 4, 2012
Discount Printing

Impress your customers with high-quality printing in colour

The quality of your printing plays a huge part in your sales. Poor quality means that customers are less likely to use your services – after all, your printing is a direct reflection of your company. Not only does colour printing look better than ordinary black and white, but your customers will know that the cost of colour printing is more expensive than the standard black & white. This translates as your business being one that doesn’t cut corners to save a few dollars, and isn’t afraid to put in the extra dollars for better quality.

However, what your customers won’t know is that you didn’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to get the best colour printing in New Zealand – from Discount Printing.

Colour printing for your advertising material and office stationery

You can trust your printing project to us because we are different to other printing companies in your area. We offer:

  • Numerous stock & sizes accommodated
  • Fantastic print quality
  • Very fast turnaround nationwide

We do all of this for you, at extremely competitive prices, so you can focus your budget on other parts of your business. From business cards to flyers, brochures, posters and more, turn to Discount Printing and get the best colour printing today!

Aug 4, 2012
Discount Printing

Enhance your business prospects with quality made business cards

Still one of the most popular and essential tools to use when networking, the humble business card can be the difference between a sale and a fail. Ensure you make the right impression the first time around with quality business card printing from Discount Printing NZ.

An effective business card will include the following points:

  • Legibility – does it contain your contact details in a clear format?
  • Simplicity – is it an uncluttered design?
  • Originality – printing the card on non-traditional paper can make a difference
  • Quality printing

At Discount Printing, we are renowned for offering a quality printing service to all businesses across New Zealand. Not only do we offer a rapid turnaround time, but we guarantee a competitive price that won’t be beaten.

Furthermore, your artwork is archived for 24 months should you want to use it for any other advertising materials such as letterheads, brochures, large format posters or anything else.

So leave a lasting impression on your recipient with quality business card printing from Discount Printing! Order your products today.

Aug 1, 2012
Discount Printing

High quality marketing material at discount prices

When you need to make an outstanding first impression to your potential customers and clients, you need advertising material that is printed to the highest quality standards. As your promotional tools are a direct reflection of your business, you need to be sure that you’re delivering a product that exhibits the professionalism of your company. If you want exceptional printing Aucklandbusinesses rely on, turn to Discount Printing NZ.

We offer a range of services that will exceed your expectations:

  • Numerous stock & sizes accommodated
  • Fantastic print quality & inexpensive
  • Very fast turnaround nationwide

From business cards to office stationery, to posters, flyers and any other marketing material, we can help you achieve your goals with our dynamic print quality solutions in Auckland.

Don’t let your sales suffer by relying on an average printing company – Discount Printing NZ can deliver everything you need when it comes to your advertising products. We won’t be beaten on quality, price, or delivery, so turn to us for your next marketing campaign in Auckland and see the difference today!

Jul 27, 2012
Discount Printing

Stand out from your competitors with advertising material in colour

You don’t need a big marketing budget to see results when it comes to your business. The costs associated with colour printingwill far outweigh the leads and customers gained from using this technique. While most other companies will save on costs by printing in black and white, there are many advantages to colour. Here are just a few of them:

  • Almost 70% of people claim they pay closer attention to material when it is printed in colour
  • Printing in colour enhances readability and is more attractive
  • Colour printing looks professional, especially when the quality of the print is extremely high
  • Printing in colour increases the clarity of pictures; after mass production, a black and white picture will look like a smudged blog

Depend on Discount Printing NZ for your colour printing needs

Your eyes are automatically drawn to colour, and while black and white printing can look elegant and sophisticated, colour printing is always the better option. Discount Printing NZ offers high quality colour printing for your advertising needs so you’ll always stand out from the competition. With fast turnaround times and speedy delivery, and amazingly low prices on our prints, there’s no better company to turn to than Discount Printing NZ.

Jul 19, 2012
Discount Printing

Increase the effectiveness of your business with quality printed flyers

One of the most simple and cost-effective ways to successfully spread the word about your promotions, sales and special offers is with flyers. While millions of businesses use this advertising technique to draw in customers, what will make you stand out from the rest is the quality of your printing. More importantly, you don’t want to just attract customers; you want to retain them for repeat business.

A flyer from Discount Printing NZ can provide you with more leads than any other marketing tool. Since you are giving away free information about your product or service to people who may want or need it in the future, you are not impeding in their busy day as you would with a telephone call. When you need high quality printing for your flyers, turn to Discount Printing NZ.

Drive mass traffic to your business with printed flyers from Discount Printing NZ

Here are just a few reasons why flyers are a great option to invest in:

  • A flyer will do your selling for you long after you’re gone
  • A flyer will reach more people due to its tangibility
  • A flyer saves you time: instead of cold calling potential customers, you can send them a flyer that they will read in their own time

For more information about how Discount Printing NZ can promote your business with quality flyers, call us today!

Jul 19, 2012
Discount Printing

Professional service, quality and value that goes a long way

Your business printing material is a direct reflection of your company, so you want to be sure it looks professional. While high quality prints are essential, paying top dollar for this service is not. Your flyers, brochures, greeting cards, letterheads and envelopes are the first thing your customers and potential clients see, so you want to make a good first impression.

While many printing companies claim to offer the best service at cheap prices, the proof is in the final product. However, you don’t want to have to wait around to see it before realising it is not what you expected. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a printing company to ensure you get the best quality and service at the best prices:

  1. Speed of service: When you have a new promotion or special offer, you want to be able to endorse it immediately. Discount Printing NZ provides exceptionally fast turnaround so that you can order a print and receive it the same day.
  2. Cheap prices: ‘Print more for less’ is our motto – and it should be yours too! We offer exceptionally low prices that won’t be beaten anywhere in New Zealand!
  3. Reliability: When we say we deliver the highest quality, we mean it. When we say 24hr turnaround on our short run printing, we mean it.

Request a quote from Discount Printing NZ today and see the difference we can make to your business through our quality printing, fast turnaround and cheap prices.

Some of the Weirdest flavours of Ice cream


Ice-cream is one food item that could be found in every corner of the world. This is something that everyone likes to have. Even if a person do not like sweets and desserts, but he or she will like to have ice-cream. It is the craving of humans for this particular food that we have developed so many flavours of it. Apart from the usual flavours, there are some of the weird flavours also that you might or might not have heard about. The main reason behind the less popularity of these flavours is that they are not available everywhere. Here is a list of some of the weirdest flavours of ice-creams.

Breakfast Bash

The name of the flavour of this ice cream is Breakfast Batch, which has no connection with the ingredients it has in it. It has maple walnut, pieces of French toast and pancakes in it. Along with that it also contains sugar in it. If you want to have this ice-cream, then you can go to Max & Mina’s ice cream, which is situated in Queens, NewYork.


The second flavour in this list of the weirdest ice-creams is Lobster. The name of the flavour itself is very weird, but unlike the previous one, this has the taste related to its name. It has butter flavoured ice-cream with lobster pieces in it. The surprising thing is that this is a real ice-cream and it is said that one who comes to Maine should not miss this. You need to go to Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium, Bar Harbor to get this ice-cream.

Cold sweat

This is one of those ice-creams that has a wired flavour and is not available everywhere, still, most people know about it. The weirdness of this ice-cream is not just in the flavour and the name, but also in the procedure that you have to go through before having it. It has ice-cream base, hot sauce, pequin, habanero and Thai chili pepper in itself. The store that offers this ice-cream asks the customers to sign a waiver before having it. So, this is a weird ice-cream from all the aspects. You need to go to Sunni Sky’s Homemade Ice-cream in Angier, North Carolina.


This is another such ice-cream that has a weird name and wired ingredient too and both of them are not related to each other. This is probably the first ice-cream that has animal fat in it. Yes, you heard it right. This is a nonvegetarian ice-cream. It contains animal fat, boiled fish, berries and sugar to it. If you really want to have this ice-cream, you need to go to Alaska. This could be found everywhere in Alaska.

So, these were a few of the weirdest ice-cream flavours that you can find across the world. The name of the place and the ingredients of the ice-creams are mentioned clearly here. One can easily select the flavour and can go to the store mentioned to have it.



Tips on picking the perfect engagement ring

There are certain factors that one should be keeping in mind when it comes to picking the right engagement ring because it is going to get cherished by the couple for eternity. So depending on the metal, style and the size of the ring one will have to pick the perfect option. So for selecting the below-mentioned points needs to be considered:


  • You can opt for the solitaire ring with a classic look because it is timeless and in this way, you will be focusing more on the center diamond. So solitaires are basically the ring having one center diamond. If you want to add some glamorous touch to the ring then you will have to consider the peekaboo diamond or band. You can also opt for the engagement rings with three stones rather than opting for the traditional solitaire.


  • If you want to wear a diamond ring that will be the sparkling with glamour then you should opt for the diamond having a lot of sparkling. You can opt for the halo engagement rings as they are very popular and will make the center diamond look bigger.


  • We are all aware that diamonds are known for the hardness and when compared to any gemstone diamond will be having more fire and brilliance. One can easily wear it daily and look graceful for the decades. It is one of the major contributors to why people are opting for diamond rings.


  • Budget is a big factor when it comes to purchasing the engagement ring as it can be very much expensive. Don’t drown yourself into a financial burden by purchasing the expensive engagement ring where you can easily get a perfect one in your tight budget as well. Consider all the factors which you can overlook when you are purchasing the ring.


  • When you are evaluating the quality of the diamond it is very important to consider the cut the clarity the colour and the carat. Both carat weight and cut is equally important in order to make the ring sparkle. Colour is also a major contributor because it can be colorless or noticeably yellow. With the help of clarity, you will be able to measure the imperfection which the stone is having.


  • It is also a great idea if you can concentrate more on the centerpiece instead of the band. Ensure that you are reserving the maximum budget for the centerpiece and to make it look bigger you can design the prongs accordingly.


  • When it comes to picking the engagement ring for men and women the factors will be different. So make sure you know the style preference of your partner and the ring size before you opting for it.


It is always recommended to not compromise on the quality of the material because it is going to hold the centerpiece. If you are using a bad quality material then the prong will break. So it is up to you who needs to decide whether you want to go for the white gold or the platinum or any other material.



Types of Office Fit Outs


Giving a new look to an office space is certainly appealing but the whole process of organizing a new fit can be unclear in regards to the issue of delegation and who will be assigned where to carry out the processes. So before even going into the detailed matters, it’s time to start from the basics:

What are office fit-outs?

This related to the process of ensuring that interior spaces are suitable for occupation and that they are separate from structural work which depends upon building fabric.  In many cases, the base construction is done by the developer whole the final fit is done by a firm which the occupant hires.

Forms of office fit outs

This can take a lot of different forms which depend upon the total degree of completion in regards to the building as well as the requirements of the client, like:

Shell and Core

These work to cover the structure, base plant, cladding and other common areas along with external works. This kind of project could also extend out to the reception areas, toilets, staircases, basements, loading bays, lift shafts, car parking lots etc.

Category A fit out

It is an indicator which is generally related overall to the total level of fit our that was completed by the developer of the tenant’s space. It should be noted that there isn’t any standard definition and so it generally includes:

  • Electrical and mechanical services
  • Blinds
  • Suspended ceilings and raised floors

Internal surface finishes

All the above are subjected to change and include other areas if the client has specific requirements regarding space. If that happens then the occupant and the developer will have to sort out the costs and make other necessary arrangements pertaining to it.

Category B fit out

This stage refers to the completion of the internal space fit out so as to meet the detailed requirements of the client. It can include:

  • Branding and final finishes
  • Installation of break areas and office areas.
  • Installation of meeting rooms, specialist lighting, furniture, IT equipment, kitchen areas and such.
  • Some of the work areas of category A could also be shifted to this one so that there is a less risk for damage.

Where is office fit out forms located?

Office fit out in Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga, Sydney etc are available. Basically, they can be found in every local area upon doing a bit of digging. From then on it is a matter of negotiating and making sure that the people who are chosen are right for the job. CCG – Casa consulting group

How to choose the right fit out firm?

It can be hard, but one needs to carry out a lot of research by taking recommendations and preparing a list of firms suitable for the job. From then on it is a matter of meeting up with them and ensuring that they are in line with the ideas and visualizations. A good chemistry is important so that both the parties feel comfortable in working with the other.

It is always advisable to have an expert on the side so that they can offer support and advice regarding the requirements of the projects as well as ensure that the progress remains on time and budget.